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Granite series A

Designer radiator

Luxury designer radiator Granite Series A.

TMX offers a new look to the designer radiators. The model allows to customer to blend the radiator to his brand new luxury bathroom using the same granite tiles as in the interior.

With our newest product you guarantee the uniqueness of your new bathroom, combined with the exceptional technical characteristics and functionality of the product.

10 bar. working pressure

The specific welding of the aluminum pipes guarantees the longevity and reliability of our products. Tested at 15 bar, the aluminum radiators withstand a working pressure of 10 bar in any heating system. Ideal for heating systems operating at lower water temperatures:

-heat pumps / condensing boilers operating with methane, gas or naphtha / pellet boilers / pyrolysis boilers, etc.

The package includes:

The price includes taps, 3 mounting consoles and a manual air vent.