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Glass designer radiator with an image

The glass designer radiators are made to satisfy every taste and integrate in every interior.

Our company offers up to 500 digital pictures to choose from, and also an option for custom image /provided the image has high resolution/. We can create the perfect custom designer radiator for you.

The picture is contained between two glasses (4mm. thick), which gets laminated in the manufacturing process. This ensures longevity of the product and gives the radiator exceptional strength.

Types of glass:

We offer two kinds of front glass :

  • Float– regular type of glass
  • Chinchilla– gives the glass a specific texture, giving it incredible effect and protecting it from shining

The package includes

The price includes taps, 3 mounting consoles and a manual air vent.

Design your radiator and we will manufacture it:

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Join the AI ​​revolution by creating a one-of-a-kind design with just a few words.

We are proud to provide you with the opportunity to produce a unique designer radiator for each individual customer, entirely according to his idea!

Send us a description of your idea and we’ll get back to you with a design completely customized for you!